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4565At the International Motor Show in New York in the Japanese company unveils world premiere of a hybrid version of sedan Kizashi, can rival of Toyota Prius.Suzuki unveils the world premiere of the Kizashi Ecocharge Concept, a prototype hybrid sedan Kizashi, at the International Trade Fair New York 2011. it continues the commitment of Nissan in the eco-mobility.

“We are studying the merits of the new gasoline-electric technology applied to the Kizashi EcoCharge Concept,” said Steve Younan, director of marketing and product planning for American Suzuki Motor Corporation. “Our goal was to achieve significant savings in fuel consumption further without sacrificing the handling as it does now with mid-size hybrid sedan. The validity of the project is the ability to Kizashi EcoCharge Concept saves 25% fuel for everyday driving, thanks to the new electric motor to the drive-train, while leaving unchanged the dynamics of formidable performances of Kizashi in production today.”

The engine of Kizashi EcoCharge Concept derives from, four 2-liter gasoline engine by 144CV (106 kW) at 6500 rpm and of torque 173 Nm at 4500 rpm, coupled to an advanced electric propulsion system, which consists of a generator from 15 kW (power supplied by 15CV) liquid-cooled with a lithium-ion battery from 115 volts, air-cooled.

Using this combination, Suzuki Kizashi EcoCharge Concept optimizes fuel consumption and benefit from additional phase torque acceleration for a more gritty and reduce consumption by 25% motorway, in relation to the current Kizashi. This reduction was achieved thanks to the recovery of braking energy and the use of tires with low rolling resistance.655

The torque is transmitted through an advanced six-speed automatic transmission that offers smooth operation, free from Disruption of power to the wheels.

Exterior Kizashi EcoCharge Concept is characterized by a unique color luminescent white satin with blue reflections. To characterize it further, the Concept Kizashi is equipped with led lights integrated in the headlights and front fascia. Aluminum wheels are characterized by a distinctive design.

Kizashi EcoCharge Concept uses internally innovative materials for the seats. These materials require 84% less energy to manufacture and produce 80% less emissions than traditional technologies with seats.

Looking at the specs I am buying this car as it would have a good resale value when I am looking to sell my car in the future.

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